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Ice cream without the ice cream headaches

We’re here to make your life easier. So, we gave some of our best shake and soft serve freezers a special 28-day heat treatment feature—28HT. It lets you go almost a month between cleanings without compromising food safety.

How it works

28HT virtually eliminates hands-on daily maintenance. It involves a short heating and cooling cycle each day that helps ensure the product mix is food-safe.

  • Schedule automated treatment for any time
  • Disassemble just once a month

Ultimate food safety

State-of-the-art heat treatment means your equipment takes care of itself—and your customers.

  • Constant temperature monitoring with alerts
  • Built-in equipment lockout for faults
  • NSF listing

Improved operational efficiency

Without the constant need to disassemble and clean your equipment, you’re able to focus on selling more frozen treats and increasing your bottom line.

  • Say goodbye to costly downtime
  • Save on labor costs
  • Reduce product waste since you don’t empty the hopper every day

28 Day Heat Treatment Units from Taylor