Midwest Equipment Company is proud to be 100% employee owned!

What It Means to Be 100% Employee Owned

Midwest Equipment Company became 100% employee owned in the Fall of 2018. What does that mean—to the company, to our employees, and to our customers?

Employee-owned companies are companies in which the staff owns a majority of the stock shares, giving them a stronger voice in management decision-making. Most, including Midwest Equipment Company, are run according to an ESOP, or Employee Stock Ownership Plan, which works like an employee benefit plan that includes shares of stock.

We continuously work toward an organization comprised entirely of energized and empowered business owners and entrepreneurs.

Being 100% employee owned means that everyone has a vested interest in the success of the company. Every single employee cares about the health and success of the entire company, not just their job or the projects they are involved in. We all help each other to ensure success across the board.

Employee ownership also offers more stability, financial and otherwise. Instead of paying corporate taxes, the tax liability will be put back into the company, which strengthens its ability to serve clients, and employee-owned companies are less likely to be acquired, creating an environment focused on long-term relationships for both employees and clients.

Midwest Equipment Company’s employees work hard to delight customers—they always have and always will. Owning a stake in the company just makes it that much more fun and gratifying to be a part of a great team. We are Midwest Equipment Company…and we own our story.

ESOP Announcement – October 2018

Employee Photo

Meet Our Employee Owners!

To me, it means putting in the effort on each service call to both try and fix the equipment correctly and to show the customer that we care about their establishment.

Darin M
Darin MService Technician

It means taking pride in what I do because, ultimately, I’m doing for the benefit of not only the company, but for myself.

Ryan G
Ryan GParts Department Team Member

It means an awesome responsibility that has the potential to reap incredible results. It means that we are all in this together, and we have the opportunity to create a more secure future for ourselves, just by doing what we do on an everyday basis.

Stephanie S
Stephanie SDispatch & Billing

Taking ownership to me means being able to have a piece of what I have helped to make a strong and reliable company.

David B
David BInstaller

Ownership, to me, is taking pride in any, and every task I do, no matter how small. When something goes wrong, looking for ways that would’ve given a better outcome and apply what I learn in the future.

John S
John SEquipment Coordinator

ESOP is added incentive to do a better job. As employees, we are now more invested in this company.

Rob S
Rob STechnician

Since becoming an ESOP company, I’ve seen the culture start to evolve to become more collaborative where everyone is pulling for the same goals.

Kate T
Kate TMarketing Manager

ESOP has helped push the mind set of “customer first.” Take care of the customer and everything else will follow. It really helps create this sort of bigger picture.

John P
John PAccount Manager

To be employee owned means that all customers are my customers. I leave an impression with my customers that makes them want to talk about MEC in a positive connotation. It says a lot when you receive great feedback from happy customers that have just had a machine malfunction that negatively impacted their own business. We serve my customers so that they can serve their customers.

Bill H
Bill HField Supervisor