Meet Our Employee Owners!

We’re celebrating National Employee Ownership Month and our 1st anniversary of being an employee owned company! We asked our employees what it means to be employee owned. Here’s what our employees have to say. 

Lunches With Co-Employee-Owners & Customers

This month, we are supporting our customers by going to lunch at their restaurants, letting them know that we are employee owners, and therefore we are committed to their success.

Office Fun & Activities

We are celebrating ESOP month with several activities! Weekly gifts, ESOP trivia, 2 truths and a lie, Boss’s Day fun and several other celebrations are planned!

What Our Employees Say About Working for an Employee Owned Company

Kate Bohnert

Since becoming an ESOP company, I’ve seen the culture start to evolve to become more collaborative where everyone is pulling for the same goals.

Kate BohnertMarketing Manager
Brian Nolting

ESOP to me is taking pride and ownership in our work. Now not only does it affect the company, it affects you. And even more so now, we’re always looking to squeeze a dollar out of every dime.

Brian NoltingTechnician
Stephanie Schaefer

It means an awesome responsibility that has the potential to reap incredible results. It means that we are all in this together, and we have the opportunity to create a more secure future for ourselves, just by doing what we do on an everyday basis.

Stephanie SchaeferDispatch & Billing
Rob Sanders

ESOP is added incentive to do a better job. As employees, we are now more invested in this company.

Rob SandersTechnician
Bill Hegger

To be employee owned means that all customers are my customers. I leave an impression with my customers that makes them want to talk about MEC in a positive connotation. It says a lot when you receive great feedback from happy customers that have just had a machine malfunction that negatively impacted their own business. We serve my customers so that they can serve their customers.

Bill HeggerTechnician
John Pahic

ESOP has helped push the mind set of “customer first.” Take care of the customer and everything else will follow. It really helps create this sort of bigger picture.

John PahicSales Representative
Ashley Giffin

Knowing that we’re ESOP makes me want to work harder to help everyone around me. It really creates a strong team atmosphere.

Ashley GiffinEquipment Coordinator
Amy Corrigan

Since ESOP came into effect, we have collectively become a better team. We come together to make things happen, including finding different ways for the company to save.

Amy CorriganProduct Specialist

When we became employee owned… back in October 2018

Employee Photo