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Mix Description Item # Case Pack
Cool Chiller® Treats Vanilla Shake & Soft Serve Mix D492 6/6 lbs
Cool Chiller® Treats Chocolate Shake & Soft Serve Mix D495 6/6 lbs
Dole® Cherry Shake & Soft Serve Mix D517 4/4 lbs
Dole® Watermelon Shake & Soft Serve Mix D520 4/4 lbs

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Product: Soft Serve, Flavor Burst Syrups, Slush Syrups

Soft Serve: Dole Whip, Cool Chiller Treats and Frostline

Cool Chiller Treats Shake & Soft Serve Mix

Flavor Burst & Flavor Blend Syrups

Flavor Burst & Blend Syrups

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