Branded Broaster Chicken Programs

Join the thousands of satisfied operators worldwide selling the only branded chicken program in the world!

As a Broaster licensed trademark operator, you’ll have everything you need to serve your customers this uniquely delicious and satisfying customer favorite. Thousands of satisfied foodservice operators across the country, and around the world, already do. Genuine Broaster Chicken is prepared with the freshest available chicken, proprietary ingredients and our own unique marinading, breading and cooking process – pressure fried in patented Broaster Equipment. The only branded chicken program in the world doesn’t include:

  • No development fee
  • No royalty payments
  • No franchise fee
  • No need to separate sales

Genuine Broaster Express

For convenient grab ‘n go menu items, the Broaster Express program offers a wide variety of foods – anything your customers could want! Check out the selection of foods available in the Broaster Express program: Ready to Cook Menu Items

Get started, quickly, with these packages:

Broaster Packaging

Operator Training & Support

Broaster Company offers foodservice operators all they need to strengthen their businesses and build their profits. When you become a Genuine Broaster Chicken licensed trademark operator, you gain access to all the benefits, supporting supplies, marketing Point of Purchase/Point of Sale (POP/POS) materials and accessories. If you’d like to attend an on-site training seminar to learn in-depth instruction on how to prepare and cook Genuine Broaster Chicken, market your business, the proper way to clean and filter trying different foods, contact us. Learn more about the 2-day Operator’s Training Seminar that Broaster offers: 2018 Schedule