Flavor Burst & Flavor Blend

Choose from 40 different premium flavors!

Keep your customers coming back for more of the visually and palate-pleasing flavor combinations with (limited time only) LTO options, seasonal flavors, or target specific markets with “kid-friendly” flavors!

Flavor Burst or Flavor Blend equipment can be easily added to your ice cream freezers or frozen beverage freezers. This sophisticated equipment can blend into frozen desserts, shakes, cocktails, slushies, smoothies or FCB (frozen carbonated beverages), stripe soft serve cones or mix custom flavors into frozen beverages. It’s an eye-catching way to entice customers and keep them coming back!

What are you interested in?

All the flavors!

  • Soft Serve – Flavor Burst
  • Coffee & Creme
    Cotton Candy
    Birthday Cake
  • Soft Serve – Flavor Blend & Shakes
  • Caramel
    Purple Grape
    Mocha Cappuccino
    Cool Lemon
  • Slush, FCB, Smoothies, Cocktails
  • Pina Colada
    Green Apple
    Tropical Orange
    Power Burst Energy
  • Javalatte Frozen Coffee
  • Butter Pecan
    Pistachio Nut
    Pumpkin Pie Chai
    French Vanilla
    English Toffee