Frozen Beverages & Cocktails

From cocktails to slush and frozen carbonated beverages, we have your drink menu covered. Featuring Taylor frozen beverage equipment, we offer a model that is made to fit your business’s unique needs.

Here’s a few of our best sellers:

c300 2 flavor fcb

428 single flavor frozen beverage cocktail machine
432 2 flavor frozen beverage machine

Frozen Carbonated Beverages

FCB machines offer an exciting way to add maximum profit into your convenience store or business! Available in 2, 3, and 4-barrel models, a Taylor Slush Machine from MEC can boost your profits by more than $15,000 per year! 

Slush & Cocktails

With easy to use operation, Taylor FCB units deliver consistent quality products draw after draw. Add on a flavor burst machine for even more variety and add up to 8 flavors to a single barrel.

These fast, efficient, easy to use frozen beverage machines will eliminate blending and reduce labor costs. Taylor equipment delivers the “chill power” you need to keep your customers coming back for more, and the growth to your bottom line that you’re looking for.