Pressure & Ventless Fryers

Broaster Pressure Fryers are known around the world for quality, high output and years of dependable, trouble-free operation. Learn about the features and benefits that can help set your business apart.

Advantages of cooking in a Broaster Pressure Fryer:

  • Foods absorb less oil: Broaster Pressure Fryers use a sealed, pressurized environment, like a pressure cooker, in which foods are cooked in Broaster Foods Canola Oil. The pressure seals in foods’ natural juices and locks out the cooking oil.*
  • Use less oil over time: Decreasing oil absorption also results in extending the oil’s useful life and reducing your oil costs. This can represent a big savings over ordinary deep fryer cooking.
  • No flavor transfer: Since very little oil is transferred into foods in a Broaster Pressure Fryer, there is virtually no flavor transfer among product loads.
  • Faster, more even cooking: Broaster Pressure Fryers feature a patented round cooking well design that eliminates hot spots and provides superior heat distribution. The result is decreased turn times and less product waste.

Need a ventless option?

The Broaster VF-2 & Broaster VF-3 are perfect for smaller volume and quicker cook cycles. Ultra-compact, self-venting fryer fits a small footprint and requires no outside venting to operate. The counter-top fryers have a:

  • Proven round well design assures even heat distribution
  • Built-in fire suppression, self-check and safety systems
  • Unique high basket capacity for more product per load
  • Self-contained vapor filtering system

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