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Celebrating Employee Ownership Month and Our One-Year Anniversary

In October, Midwest Equipment Company celebrated its 1st anniversary of being an employee owned company! Our people are the heart of everything we do at Midwest Equipment Company, so the ESOP Committee decided it was time to give back. They filled this exciting month full of smiles, surprises, and other fun activities to remind everyone how important and valued they are.

Weekly Gifts

To start every week off with a bang, weekly gifts were passed out every Monday morning. From water bottles, to goodie bags, journals, flashlights, phone rings and more, everyone got a gift every week with a fun message attached to it.

ESOP Trivia and 2 Truths and a Lie

We also hosted several activities to get the celebration mood going! First was the “2 Truths and a Lie”. There were some pretty tricky lies to decide on, but our lovely BJ Wise came out on top winning a Subway gift card, knowing all of us better than we even know ourselves.

Next was the ESOP Trivia quiz! With over 30 questions, we really challenged our employees on who knew our company the best. After all the answers were graded, we realized that there had been a tie between Drew Bader and Dave Wise! Luckily for us, we had a tie breaker planned. They were both presented a jar of o-rings and had to guess how many were in said jar. Dave Wise ended up guessing the closest to the correct amount.

Boss’s Day

Towards the end of the month, we celebrated Boss’s Day. All around the office, everyone got to take fun pictures – lovingly, poking fun and showing some appreciation for our favorite bosses.

Lunches with Customers

This wasn’t just about us however, but our customers too! We made a point to eat lunch at several of our customers restaurants throughout our 3-state territory, letting them know that we are employee owners and therefore committed to their success. We visited Ravanelli’s, Golden Corral, Fuzzy’s Tacos and more!