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It’s hot foods season, but does your menu have what your customers are craving? Is your equipment able to cook foods quickly, consistently and safely?

Whether you’re looking to greatly expand your menu, or add a few snack options to late-night bar menu, Midwest Equipment Company can help you find the right kitchen equipment for your business.

Limited Space? No Hood? No Ventilation? No problem!

In under 2 feet of counter space, we can get you into a hot foods program that’s quick, easy and PROFITABLE! Serve everyone’s favorite bar foods fast with a Broaster Ventless Hoodless Fryer – see Broaster Foods. And, you can cook two fresh beef patties in 45 seconds with the Instant Burger 2-sided countertop grill!

Chicken Cooked Perfection in Broaster Pressure Fryers

Better product. Lower operating costs. Broaster state-of-the-art pressure fryers cook foods under controlled pressure in a sealed environment resulting in more tender, juicy and flavorful foods, less oil absorption and reduced overall oil usage, faster cooking times and lower energy costs and greater food production per machine for a better ROI. Watch this video »

Smokaroma Pressure Smoker

Compared to the traditional dry method of smoking, pressure smoking locks in the juices and can reduce product shrinkage by up to 40% or more. Hot or “cold” smoke up to 45 pounds of food products, including all types of meats, poultry, vegetables, cheese and seafood  in less than 90 minutes!

Taylor 2-sided platen electric or gas commercial kitchen grills

Want to really expand your menu? Grill bacon & eggs in the AM, sliders & burgers for lunch and perfect steak and other entrees for dinner. The Taylor grill line features the latest in efficiency, safety and productivity. Just a press of a button cooks healthy seafood, veggie or turkey burgers, grilled sandwiches and much more. Revolutionary two-sided grilling cooks a frozen patty two-thirds faster than traditional flat grills. With programmable cook times, pre-set temperatures and consistent product pressure, you can cook a variety of menu items throughout the day.

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