Hydra Rinse

Hydra Rinse uses revolutionary technology to standardize the cleaning and sanitizing process, ensuring the machine is cleaned thoroughly every time – cleaner than ever before.

The Hydra Rinse system consumes less than 10 U.S. gallons of water, representing a significant water savings greater than 56.6% when compared to manual cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

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Hydra Rinse on Taylor soft serve machine

The Hydra Rinse Difference

Easy to install. Easy to operate.
Easy to keep your soft serve machine cleaner than ever before.
Revolutionizing soft serve as you know it.


Hydra Rinse reduces the impact on the environment through
the cleaning power of LEXX™, a naturally-derived,
biodegradable liquid sanitizer concentrate.


The Hydra Rinse system makes cleaning simple,
encouraging frequent use with its easy process and
reducing the labor cost associated with manual cleaning.

What customers are saying:

  • Significant improvement in quality of mix served 
  • Labor savings form cleaning less frequently & faster (50% reduction in cycle time)
  • Less wear and damage to the machine from not disassembling every time to clean

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