Carl NelsonLarry Spitznagel Technician of the Year

The 2021 Larry Spitznagel Technician of the Year award goes to CARL NELSON!

Carl has been with our company since 2017 and was selected as this year’s Technician of the Year for his daily commitment to outstanding customer service, high standard of craftsmanship and tireless work ethic.

Carl is always available to help anyone with anything. All the techs know he’ll answer the phone and help with any issues they have. Dispatch knows they can count on him; he steps up when calls need to be ran or to help whoever is on call. Customers request him all the time because they know he’s knowledgeable, efficient and courteous.  It is an overused phrase, but Carl actually does “go the extra mile.”

“Over the last few months, Carl has really stepped up and filled a lot of the gap where we’ve quickly grown. He continuously helps train the newer technicians and still maintains some of the highest numbers on his scorecard. I’m very proud to have Carl on my team,” says Carl’s manager, Danny Williams.

Please join us in congratulating Carl!

About the Larry Spitznagel Award

Larry Spitznagel was a Midwest Equipment Company Technician in the St. Louis-area who was loved by all and who lived to help others. He worked for our company from 1994 – 2017, and sadly passed away in early 2018.

The Larry Spitznagel Technician of the Year award was instituted in 2018 to commemorate his honor and is awarded annually to the MEC Technician who shares his dedication to our company, his passion for helping others and who epitomizes our company values: Exceed customers’ expectations and to always exhibit honesty, loyalty & respect.