Preventative Maintenance Programs

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Preventative Maintenance & Tune-Up Kits

Our preventive maintenance programs and tune-up shipments are designed to reduce wear and tear on your equipment and limit costly repairs. Similar to oil changes and tune-ups on automobiles, preventive maintenance is both necessary and reasonably inexpensive. The benefits of being enrolled in a “Preventive Maintenance Program” include:

  • More equipment up-time and increased capacity
  • Better product yields and increased sales
  • Longer lifetimes for costly components like beater motors, compressors and beater assemblies
  • Higher quality product output for your customers’ enjoyment

PM Recommended Service

The program requires replacement of rubber seals and bearings every three to four months, depending on the equipment type and use. By not replacing these components regularly, you risk damage to the beater motor, compressor and other expensive components. Replacement of scraper blades is also a necessary part of any effective “Preventive Maintenance Program.”

Metal scraper blades should be replaced every six months, while plastic scraper blades should be replaced every four months. These parts come in a “tune-up” kit and can be purchased from our parts department. Our parts department can place you on an auto-ship program so tune-up kits are shipped to you automatically. Their arrival is your reminder that your equipment needs a tune-up.

What is the cost of the Preventative Maintenance Program?

Cost varies depending on what type of machine you have. Request information by using the form below, or calling (800) 390-5502.

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