C007 Whipped Cream Dispenser


  • Condensation Air
  • Working voltage 230V/50Hz/1
  • Electric Power 0,5 kW

The cream whippers of the “KREAM” series are the right answer to the operator’s requirements for reliable equipment with high-performance. It instantaneously produces top-quality whipped cream and mousses. The product temperature control, the removable tanks and the steel pump – easily disassemble without tools – assure high levels of hygiene and simplicity of operation.

  • Rotor high-pressure steel pump with overrun setting
  • Suitable for creams with a fat content up to 45%
  • Refrigerated dispensing nozzle at 4°C (39°F)
  • Standard 2,5-litre removable tank for Kream 2,5
  • Two standard removable 9 and 6-litre tanks for Kream9/6
  • Limited size and energy consumption

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