CH03 Frigomat Batch Heat Treatment

The PEB pasteurizers have been specifi cally designed for those who need an easy and essential, professional equipment for the mix treatment, with the best quality/price relation. Extremely reliable, these machines exploit the bain-marie system, maintaining the natural characteristics of the product


  • The bain-marie mix treatment allows to set the T° up to 90°C (194°F) maintaining the organic characteristics of the products
  • The IES electronic eliminates the phenomenon of the thermal inertia, thanks to a patented system, which allows an extreme working precision at the desired temperatures, reducing the energy consumption
  • Automatic no-frost function
  • Stainless steel cylinder-block vat
  • Outlet spigot with independent washing system for an efficient cleaning after each mix drawing
  • High positioned spigot allows the use of big containers
  • Quick release steel agitator, fully detachable
  • High-precision vat temperature control through a dip probe
  • Automatic cycle restart in case of electrical blackout
  • Prearrangement for printer connection (optional)
  • Possibility to check the timing from the beginning of the preservation at 4°C (39°F)


  • Single or three phase
  • Air or water cooled

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