MagnaBlend Pro Blending System

Revolutionary 9-second blend time!

Revolutionary service, speed & technology in a smaller footprint. Experience the Revolution. Faster, smarter and better – the quick service blender of tomorrow has arrived. Designed to increase speed of service in every way, MagnaBlend redefines efficiency as we know it.

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  • Speed of Service: Designed to increase speed of service in every way, a stunning 9-second blend time helps to consistently deliver delicious blended frozen beverages throughout all dayparts.
  • Integrated Design: The integrated shaved ice dispenser and rinse station remove the need for employees to move back and forth between separate prep areas. Simply blend, rinse and repeat.
  • Intuitive Full-Color, Icon-Based Touchscreen: Graphical icon interface is easy to navigate and allows the operator to simply select the recipe, serving size and the blended drink is prepared hands – free. The control panel offers training modules and offers daily and weekly notifications.
  • Mix Storage Cabinet: Refrigerated mix storage cabinet holds eight BPA-free refillable bins, (1) gallon capacity each. Product bins load easily into the machine and provide consistent product flow to the pitcher.
  • Ice Hopper with Lid Safety Sensors: The ice bin holds approximately 28 lbs (12.7 kgs) of ice. For added safety, the machine cannot run unless the lid is replaced.
  • Blender Pitchers: BPA-free. Blends up to 2 – 16 oz. (473 ml) drinks at once. The MagnaBlend comes with two blending pitchers to maximizes throughput.
  • Breakthrough Magnetic Technology: Instead of relying on direct-contact gear mechanisms that can wear down, MagnaBlend eliminates friction by utilizing magnetic force. A sealed design locks out damaging moisture.
  • Product Consistency and Portion Control: The blending mechanism allows for a consistent finished drink each and every time providing consistent customer satisfaction and food costs through dispensing accuracy and reduction in over pouring.
  • Customizable Menu: An SD card port lets you share custom blends, LTOs and regional favorites across your entire franchise network.

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