NEW! SmartTouch Ventless Countertop Fryers

Simple and intuitive touch screen controller makes cooking quick and easy!

Watch the full 22 minute demonstration video!

NEW SmartTouch Ventless Fryer Spec SheetUnique Auto-CompTM with SmartTouch Controller

Automatic temperature compensation, meaning controller will add or subtract time based on the degree of temperature difference compared to set point to ensure product is fully cooked.

Full Color Display Controller is preloaded with all your favorite Broaster Foods products and photos so it is easy to see what you are cooking. Controller can store up to 100 menu items for quick recall.

On-Screen Prompts assist users in operation and maintenance functions.

Round Cooking Well Design is engineered for durability, more even heat distribution, and efficiency; no cold spots or corners.

Auto-Lift ensures consistent product output by automatically lowering and raising the cooking basket

Access Door to Product Front load access door allows for convenient ease of loading and unloading of product. Cleanup is also easier with no additional shoots or doors to manage.

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