RAM Frozen Food Dispensers

If you run a deep fryer, you’re going to absolutely love the RAM—the freezer that helps you fry better.

Perfection in every portion

Placed near your fryer, a RAM system dispenses completely frozen, ready-to-cook portions on demand.

  • Serving perfectly proportions in the most efficient way
  • Cooking directly from frozen improves product quality
  • Ensures precise cooking times for a familiar dining experience
  • Limits handling of product and promotes food safety
  • Slows oil degradation from excess moisture

Efficiency is served

It’s not only about serving better, crispier fried food. Each model reduces labor and waste so it pays for itself within a year.

  • Provides automated portion control (most models)
  • Helps your staff move faster and more efficiently
  • Puts out more product per hour than competitive machines
  • Keeps frozen food at an optimal temperature of -18° F
  • Maintains FIFO (first in first out) for freshness and product quality
  • Lets you change your oil less frequently

A delight in every way

You’re looking at a great example of Taylor equipment that’s built for busy QSRs.

  • Programmable for peak times
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning
  • Ergonomically designed basket trays
  • Reversible freezer doors
  • Attractive stainless steel designs

RAM Model R160

Model R160

Holds 2 Baskets

RAM Model R200

Model R200

Holds 6 Baskets

RAM Model R280

Model R280

Holds 8 Baskets