Red Cape Service Technician of the Month!

March 2018

The Red Cape™ Technician of the Month for March, 2018 is Jim Daum of Midwest Equipment Company, in Fenton, Missouri.

Danny Williams, Service Manager for Midwest Equipment, nominated Jim for many reasons:

  • His dedication to the brand has been a huge part of MEC’s success
  • He been a great technician for over 40 years
  • He has been a mentor for hundreds of technicians throughout his career

Jim’s daily duties include working in our shop fixing units that are unable to be fixed in the field and refurbing used units to be sold. A large part of his day is telephone troubleshooting for customers and technicians, onsite.

We are all very proud to have Jim represent Taylor and congratulate him on this honor.

Jim will be awarded by the Taylor Company with a plaque and a small gift in recognition of this award, and, along with the other monthly award winners, will be eligible for the overall annual award, which will be recognized with a monetary prize.

Anniversary Video

Did you see Jim in the Midwest Equipment Company 25th Anniversary video?