The Red Cape® Technician of the Month for August is… Chuck Frommel

It’s been a great month for our long-time Senior Technician, Chuck Frommel! First, he celebrated 20 years with us, and was recently named The Red Cape® Technician for the month of August 2021 by the Taylor Company!

Chuck started as an installer and PM technician. For 10 years, he was a traveling technician, five days a week, training new hires. For the last few years Chuck has worked from Midwest’s shop, managing field repairs, refurbishing used equipment for sale and converting units from water to air and 3 HZ to 1 HZ. He does this in addition to handling tech support phone calls, troubleshooting for MEC technicians, in-house technicians and our customers. He is a remarkable trainer who regularly teaches classroom and hands-on during the winter months.

Please join us in congratulating Chuck for his exemplary service to our customers and for his overall commitment to the Taylor service network!